Phonics wouldn't have been replaced by Whole language 60 years ago, If it had been the best English Teaching Method

A Unique Method to the Problem Worldwide
                ----SEV.EN English

Dear ladies and gentlemen:
It is my great pleasure to say that as a scientist, I, Shuiqing Xiao, invented Swift, Easy, Veracious English, who has been approved of emigrating to the United States of America as an outstanding talent approved by American Government.
It appears to be the problem worldwide to which Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, American President Bush and Clinton, all attached quite more importance. It is difficult to read out English words not noted by International Phonetic Symbol. In 1970, Premier Zhou Enlai has put forward many important indications on foreign language teaching for several times when met with part of foreign language teachers from Beijing Higher Education College, with International Phonetic Symbol involved in many talks. He has asked that when International Phonetic Symbol has been spring up, it has been mastered by native speaker? He said “26 letters, together with 48 phonetic letters, makes it quite complex; there is no need of puting it in the middle of sound and form.”
Times December 02, 2005
Ruth Kelly spells out a return to sounds-based approach
ALL 5-year-olds must be taught to read using a traditional “phonics” method from next September, Ruth Kelly said yesterday.
The Education Secretary abandoned the central element of the Government’s literacy hour in schools after a damning official review concluded that it was failing children. Schools will be told to drop the “searchlights” system, which encourages teachers to use a range of methods. Instead, they will be expected to use phonics “fast and first”, Ms Kelly said. Children will have to learn the sounds of the alphabet and how to put them together to form words.

Phonics wouldn't have been replaced by Whole language 60 years ago, If it had been the best English Teaching Method.
During Bush visit to China in February of 2002, He has refered to reading obstacle existed among American children in his speech at Tsinghua University. Bush said: “One of the saddest facts about my country is that there are a significant number of fourth-grade students who cannot read at grade level. Imagine a child who can't read in the fourth grade is a child that's not going to be able to read in the eighth grade. And if the child can't read in the eighth grade, it's likely that childs not going to be able to read sufficiently when they get out of high school, and therefore won't be able to go to college. It's a shame in America that that's the case. ”
From Bush words, reading obstacle has not been settled in all English-speaking countries. Now, I conquered the problem which has disturbed many scientists and American Presidents all along.
According to English pronunciation, I selected 50 letters and combinations which are called phoneme letters to replace International phonetic Symbol. On the basis of learning phoneme letters, Students of no English knowledge can master the standard English pronunciation and read out 50% of English words correctly.
With the vocabulary of one million, I discovered the phonogram system, that is, 312 rules of pronunciation I summarized, which are denoted by 312 words. So, it is easy to read out 99.9% of English words. Notating every English words with 4 symbols instead of International Phonetic Symbol, one can read English words correctly in the period of 50 classes. English learning is intuitively converted from the mode of reading with International Phonetic Symbol to that of reading with letters. Pronunciation, integrated with letters, makes students not only read out words, but write them down at the first sight. Memory efficiency is greatly improved with strong impression.
Frequency of English vocabulary badly-proportioned, there are only 3,000 words that their frequency goes up to 97.66%. In light of the fact, it is a good way to firstly recite words of the highest frequency . So, not only can speak English at the shortest time, but build up the confidence. Vocabulary in active elementary and junior textbooks accounts to 35.11% of that 3,000 words, as well as 82.82% of 5,600 common words involving primary level and CET 6. That is why many students attained to CET6 can not be able to read article fluently. In another words, most words on which they wasted time are not common ones.
SEV.EN English has been already conferred ‘China Copyright Certificate’. It has been awarded Golden Medal by ‘London International Patent Technic Expo’ , which was conferred by British International Patent Development Center in January of 2003. I was appointed as researcher by Research Institute of Applied Technology in London. The fact that English is mother tongue of Britain and SEV.EN English has been honored by Britain authoritative Administration adequately illuminated that SEV.EN English is of advancement.
I have received a letter from Foreign Language Staff Room of Beijing Academy of Educational Science on Jan. 14, 2004. It said: ‘SEV.EN English is qualified to be adopted in teaching practice.’
National Science and Technology Conference was grandly held by CCP Central Committee and State Council in the Great Hall on Feb. 20, 2004. Invited by CCP Central Committee Staff Office and General Office of State Council, I attended the Conference and met with Chairman-Hu Jintao, Premier-Wen Jiabao and other leaders. Introduction of SEV.EN English has been published on the No.4 of "China Awards for Science and Technology"in 2004.
At present, Whole Language adopted in primary school has already failed in America and England whose mother tongue is English. It is considered whether it could work in China. There must be an advanced method to replace International Phonetic Symbol, otherwise, primary students has to notate words with Chinese characters according to the same pronunciation. I made an investigation that most of primary students used to do so before learned International Phonetic Symbol. For example, bus /爸死-basi/, yes/爷死-yesi/, girls/哥死-gesi/, school/死光了-siguangle/. This is SEV.EN English that removed the block for primary students.
Phoneme is the smallest pronunciation unit which is the basis of learning foreign language. For instance, sound symbol and charm symbol in Chinese Pin Yin. Primary students can not be able to read Chinese character until learn Chinese Pin Yin, English pronunciation depends on Phoneme Letter. Although Chinese is our mother tongue, we also need Chinese Pin Yin to help reading, not mentioned English. It is impossible to learn English well without knowledge of phoneme, just like learning to read Chinese without Pin Yin.
English teaching was brought forward from Junior to Primary School. It turned out that English teacher is seriously inadequate. As a result that those of cacoepy are not able to distinguish right and wrong pronunciation, students may be misguided, which lead to hard correction in Junior School.
In spite of the fact that lots of Chinese students spend 1/3 of their time on studying English, ‘Non-speaking English’ still exists. Those graduated from school can not meet the social requirements.
It is difficult for undergraduate to learn English in traditional way, say nothing of adults. Beijing Municipal Government shoulders a heavy responsibility that 30%-40% of citizens are able to speak English before 2008.
In 2000, Eight Countries’ Leaders Conference was held a in Okinawa, Japan. When the Japanese premier Yoshiro Mori met American president Clinton, he greeted him actively in English: ‘How are you?’ Because of Mori nonstandard pronunciation, he confused the compound vowel [ou] and simple vowel [ue], that is he said ‘Who are you?’ instead of ‘How are you?’ Clinton was surprised by hearing that and wondered why Mori asked him such a question. He then answered humorously ‘I am Hillary’s husband’ Mori didn't understand what Clinton said. He thought of the words his teacher told him---after you said ‘how are you?’ the other part would answered ‘I am fine. Thank you, and you? Then you could say ‘Me too’. Then Mori said to Clinton with a full smile ‘Me too’. Clinton astonished and wondered how could Mori said he was also Hillary’s husband. He stopped talking to Mori immediately and turned away from the reporters.
This joke is spread all over the world, which stained the image of premier Mori and imperiled the interests of Japan.The students who are taught by the Whole Language will produce lots of jokes similar to that. We can see from that joke: it is a must to master standard pronunciation if you want to speak to others. It is vital to distinguish the differences between English phoneme and mandarin pinyin, or even though you have remembered lots of words and your spoken English is so fluent, the foreigners can't understand you and it is hard to communicate.
The International phonetic symbol is a mountain standing between sound and form. We must move it away if we want to have a good English level. Sound and form are like ‘father and mother’. The Phoneme Letter is a son of them and the son moves the mountain away in order to make his mother and father reunion.

Ministry of Education has decided to reform the English Teaching System. ‘Non-speaking English’ can not be avoided from continuouslly using the International Phonetic symbol. There is a little of possibility to success.
1, The failure of Whole Language shows that it isn’t a good method for pupil to study English.
2, It is very urgent to find a method of phonetic notation.
3, To learn English with Phoneme Letter is like learning Chinese with Pin Yin.
4, SEVEN English is the best way, for it includes phoneme, instead of International Phonetic Symbol.
I made an analysis on situation of English education and significancy of publicizing SEV.EN English around China, which is of referenced value in improving teaching quality of English in your country.
In order to improve quality of your country English teaching, I made following suggestions:
1, To substitute International Phonetic Symbol of phoneme letter. In particular, adding phoneme letters to the primary textbooks in your country.
2, Promoting rules of pronunciation I summarized.
3, Publicizing SEV.EN English.
Reformation of English Teaching that replace Interantional Phonetic Symbols with Phoneme Letter, is of great significancy. So, I wrote to you that cherish the hope to have your support. It would be historified that your country helped publicizing SEV.EN English which has been invented by Shuiqing Xiao, a Chinese scientist in 2010. From then on, Phoneme Letter substituted the International Phonetic Symbol invented by British and K.K. phonetic symbol created by American, like the Four great inventions in ancient China.
I present you with a "English Teaching Method Adopted by America" . It shows that SEV.EN English is the best way to study English.
On the website of Immigration Bureau of America, Sanction Notice could be checked that has been sent by Immigration Bureau of America on Oct. 09, 2004 while inputing my Case No.(src0405552813).
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       Best wishes,
              Shuiqing Xiao

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